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Skills & Experience

  • Biomaterials refinement and oxidation prevention.

  • Proximate analysis of biomaterials, feed, and food.

  • Lipid characterization and its utilization for various added-value products.

  • Analysis of Aquatic environment quality: 

Trophic State Index method on distribution of Chlorophyll-a,orthophosphate, nitrate and organic matter.

  • Aquatic and marine ecosystems analysis:

Plankton, interaction of aquatic biota, and anthropological factors.

  • Coral bleaching research:
      Effects on the global ecosystem and ecotourism  value. 

Elvina G. Meliala, S.Pi

Environmental Researcher

Responsible in advanced characterization of biomaterials made in-house, including data management and analysis. Contribute in documents preparation and writing, including patent, publications and standard operation and lab safety procedure (ISO).



Universitas Diponegoro

Bachelor's Degree in Aquatic Resources Management 

Research Interest

  • Research and development of environmental friendly and sustainable products using BSFL fraction.

  • Marine ecosystem conservation and remediation.

  • Coral bleacing research: effect of climate change to marine biodiversity and ecotourism value.


1. Wijaya, S.P., Rusli, F., Kontaria, G.K., Tinambunan, A., Meliala, E.G., Steven, E. (TBA) Synergy of Silk and Alginate as Multifunctional Matrix via Solvent/Cross-Linker Duality of CaCl2 [Manuscript Ready]

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