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Inspired by what the nature offers, we maximize the opportunity and possibility of creating a high value bio-based materials. Our research is done with regards of the environment.  

Bio-Inspired Materials

The fabric of life is full of deep secrets that drive beautiful processes behind some of the most resilient, functional, and efficient organisms, ecosystem, and materials. Often such properties are strongly tied to their functional requirement in nature. We specialize in materials inspired and/or derived from silkworm, spider, black soldier fly, marine life and fungi.


We seek to understand the mechanism that allows certain special properties to occur in biological systems. This would allow us to mimic nature, process natural materials for technologies, and replicate the bio-inspired process for a specific applications and solutions in food industry, agriculture, feed, biopolymer, skin care and energy devices.

Cracked Mud

Environmental Science

It is more important now than ever to take action against the environmental problems of this era. Climate change, plastic waste, air/water/soil pollution are highly complicated problems that require massive collaborative efforts between various fields of studies and institutions.

We work with our partners in academia and industry to explore greener solutions and find new approaches to reduce and/or to recycle waste streams into value-added products.

Our service

R&D service and consultation in product diversification efforts, waste conversion into value-added product, science and technology patent development. As partner.


Biomaterials Lab.

Focus on experimental research of targeted biomaterials, prototyping and developing the potential products. Enhancing its properties and make more added-value products.

Microbiology Lab.

Focus on bacterial and fungi utilization to support a circular and sustainable industrial process, optimizing particular nutritions or properties. Also provide characterization of the final properties of the value added products.

Advanced Characterization Lab.

Focus on food, feed and the final value-added products characterization. Also offers a consultation of how to handle industrial waste and how to make it into something valuable. Guarantee a sustainable process, on a scale of laboratory and industrial.

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