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Investing in Your Future

Biomaterials and Environmental Science

Inspired by what the nature offers, we capture ideas, innovate and maximize the opportunity and possibility of creating high value bio-based materials and solutions.

We provide integrated research, characterization and consultation partnership in the development of high-value products and processes from potential natural sources in environmental and economically sustainable ways. 

Automation and IoT System

Achieve higher productivity by using our customizable and scalable automation and instrumentation system for your company.

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Team of scientists and engineers from diverse fields of expertise but with the same vision to enrich the research environment in Indonesia and generating world-class innovations and discoveries.

Achieving Growth

We synergize interconnected science to accelerate scientific discovery and technological innovation in the academic and industrial sectors that improve the livelihood of the society and the environment while providing our partners with competitive advantage in the market.

Latest Publications, Patents and Pre-Prints.


Lincah Andadari, Dhany Yuniati, Bambang Supriyanto, Murniati, Sri Suharti, Asmanah Widarti, Eden Steven, Andi Sadapotto, Bondan Winarno, Minarnigsih, Retno Agustarini, Nurhaedah Muin, Wahyudi Isnan, Yetti Heryati, Yelin Adalina, Irma Yeny, Rosita Dewi, Ari Nurlia, Septiantina Dyah R, Kun Estri M, Luthfan Meilana N and Budi Hadi Narendra, "Lens on Tropical Sericulture Development in Indonesia: Recent Status and Future Directions for Industry and Social Forestry," Insects, 13 (10), 913, (2022).


Affi N. Hidayah, Yuliati Herbani, Eden Steven, Achmad Subhan, Djoko Triyono, Isnaeni Isnaeni, Maria M. Suliyanti and Muhandis Shiddiq, "Tuning the Electrical Properties of Colloidal Nanoalloys by Varying Their Composition," Colloids and Surfaces: A Physicochemical and Engineering Aspect 641, 128496 (2022).


Chae Yeon Hwang, Yuniawaty Halim, Marcellia Sugata, Dela Rosa, Sherlyn Putri Wijaya and Eden Steven, "Assessment of Agaricus bisporus Mushroom as Protective Agent Against Ultraviolet Exposure," bioRxiv, pre-print. (2021).


Metode robotik untuk memantau, menghidrasi, melatih pertumbuhan jamur baru dan mengobati infeksi bakteri atau jamur pada kultur jamur baru untuk menghasilkan jaringan lateral yang padat seperti lembaran dari bahan jamur (Patent Pending, P00202009416, Indonesia, 2020) with Hermetia Bio Science.


Translation: A Robotic Method of Monitoring, Hydrating, Training, and Treating Bacterial or Fungal Infections of New-growth Fungal Cultures to Produce Densified Sheet-like Lateral Networks of Fungal Materials.

Conference & Proceeding.

Aria Amadeus Salim, Timothy Bastiaan, Indra Karnadi, Eden Steven, Winly Williamdy, "PLEESE - Plastic Reuse Reminder System Using Computer Vision Deep Learning," International Conference on Technology Innovation and Its Application Conference (2022).

Conference & Proceeding.

Jin Wan Kim, Ezekhiel Taniara, Nathanael Timothy, Eden Steven, Aria Amadeus Salim, "Implementation of A* Shortest Path Finding Algorithm in a Transport Robot with Robust Turning Mechanism," International Conference on Technology Innovation and Its Application Conference (2022).

Conference & Proceeding.

Phoebe Bintoro, Aria Amadeus Salim, Nathanael Timothy, Eden Steven, "Portable Image Analyzer for Indicators with OpenCV," International Conference on Technology Innovation and Its Application Conference (2022).

Conference & Proceeding.

Olivia Oswald Lim, Dionysius Sentausa, David Habsara Hareva, Frentsen Adeputra Abineno, Eden Steven, "Companion: Mental Health Movile Applications for Students," International Conference on Technology Innovation and Its Application Conference (2022).

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