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Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

Bachelor's Degree in Food Technology

Research Interest

  • Food Processing, Research and Development

  • Food Microbiology

  • Investigation of Bacteria that Cause Foodborne Illness from Food Products

  • Food Fermentation

  • Food Bioactive Compounds Investigation

Skills & Experience

  • Processing of Chitin and Chitosan

  • Proximate Analysis (Moisture, Ash, Protein) of Food

  • Bioactive Compounds Investigation (GABA, Phenolics Compounds, Antioxidant Activity)

  • Basic Microbiology Skills

  • Food Microbiology Analysis (Extraction, Identification, Quantification)

  • Basic Molecular Biology Skills (DNA Extraction, Electrophoresis)

  • Marine Product Application and Development

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazards Analytical Critical Control Point (HACCP) basic knowledge

Work-Internship Experience

  • Internship at Balai Besar Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pascapanen Pertanian in Bogor.

  • Laboratory assistant at:

1. Marine Product Technology, responsible for topic "Chitosan Application on Fruit Quality and Shelf Life" and "Application of Spirulina platensis Powder for Making Seaweed Jelly."

2. Food Microbiology, responsible for topic: "Investigation of Bacteria that Cause Foodborne Illness from Food Products."

3. Microbiology, responsible for topic: "Biochemical Test", "Fungi", and "Identification of X Suspension."

4. Biochemistry, responsible for topic: "Determination of Protein Content by Spectrophotometry."

5. Basic Chemistry, responsible for topic: "Solution Preparation and Concentration" and "Reaction Rate."

Kresentia Adela Putritama, S.T.P

Biochemist Research Assistant 

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