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Fransiska, M.T.P

Biochemist Researcher

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Research Interest

  • Food processing, research and development. 

  • Food matrix interactions.

  • Green and sustainable food research and development. 

  • Biomaterials processing technologies.

  • Biomaterials polymer scaffolds investigation and development.

  • Natural materials research: extraction, purification, processing, structure-property relationship.

  • Enzyme utilization on materials’ breakdown and immobilization of enzyme

  • Waste treatment and its utilization as biomaterials.

Skills & Experience

  • Proximate analysis of food and various materials.

  • Characterization of materials.

  • Basic microbiology skills.

  • Lyophilization of food and various materials.

  • Processing of chitin, chitosan and glucosamine.

  • Patent drafting.


1. Wijaya, S.P., Rusli, F., Kontaria, G.K., Tinambunan, A., Meliala, E.G., Steven, E. (TBA) Synergy of Silk and Alginate as Multifunctional Matrix via Solvent/Cross-Linker Duality of CaCl2 [Manuscript Ready].

2. Halim, Y., Fransiska, Hardoko and Handayani, R. Production of N-acetylglucosamine from shrimp shells’ chitin using intracellular chitinase from Mucor circinelloides, Food Research Journal 4, 1582 - 1587 (2020)”


  1. Metode Pembiakan Larva Lalat Tentara Hitam (Black Soldier Fly) secara Sirkular Menggunakan Tanda Kosong Kelapa Sawit yang Ditingkatkan Kadar Proteinnya sebagai Substrat Biak dan Bahan Pakan. (Patent Pending, P00202007080, Indonesia, Submitted 2020)
    Translation: Method for Circular Rearing of Black Soldier Fly with Protein Improved Empty Fruit Bunch as Rearing Substrate and Feedstock

  2. Proses Pembuatan Bahan Kulit Sintetik yang Biodegradabel Berbasis Tandan Kosong Kelapa Sawit dengan Pengikat Polimer Alami dan Produk yang Dihasilkannya. (Patent Pending, P00202002332, Indonesia, Submitted 2020)
    Translation: Fabrication Method of Biodegradable Synthetic Leather from Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) with Natural Polymer Binders and Its Ensuing Products

  3. Metode Pembuatan Biokomposit Multifungsional Berbasis Serat Sutra dan Natrium Alginat Tanpa Purifikasi Osmosis dan Produk yang Dihasilkannya. (Patent Pending, P00202002325, Indonesia, Submitted 2020)
    Translation: Fabrication Method of Multifunctional Bio-Composite from Silk and Sodium Alginate Devoid of Any Osmotic Purification and Its Ensuing Products



Institut Pertanian Bogor

Master's Degree in Food Technology


Universitas Pelita Harapan

Bachelor's Degree in Food Technology

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