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Yovita Yunita A., S.Si

Microbiology Researcher

Her current research is focussing on lignocellulosic waste reduction by biological treatment and value-added biomaterials production (e.g. silk), including their biodegradability grade.

Skills & Experience

  • Intermediate microbiological research-based (Bacteria and Fungi)

  • Basic fermentation skills 

  • Basic DNA technology skills (Extraction and Isolation with Kit, DNA Electrophoresis)

  • Protein extraction and purification (SDS-PAGE & FPLC)

  • Basic plant tissue culture skills

  • Aug – Nov 2019 - Research Assistant at Biochemistry Department of Kasetsart University (Student Exchange Program)

  • Jun – Aug 2018 - Research Assistant at PT Nugen Bioscience Indonesia (Internship)

  • Aug - Dec 2018 - Plant Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory Assistant at Atma Jaya Catholic University

  • Jan - Jun 2018 - Fungi Biotechnology Laboratory Assistant at Atma Jaya Catholic University



Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

Bachelor's Degree of Biotechnology

Research Interest

  • Novel antimicrobials (e.g., quorum quenching) from microorganisms

  • Black Soldier Fly (BSF) cultivation

  • Vaccine technology

  • Waste treatment with microorganisms

  • Biodegradable bioplastic

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